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No One Runs a Better Auction Than Us.

No One Runs a Better Auction Than Us.

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Who We Are

Who we are

Bambisana Auctioneers and Appraisers primary focus is providing the surrounding community with a platform to dispose of almost any commodity and to ensure the best possible return on sales. The focus includes the Corporate and Public Entities, retailers and major insurers.

Our dedicated team’s main focus is creating a platform where both seller and buyer are given the best possible deal and bringing together practical and professional skills relevant to the industry. Thus providing opportunities to obtain our products at the best possible deals, ease and utmost professionalism.

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I found Shaun Toms to have above average qualities in the Auction Profession. With his drive and personality, needed in this profession, he has the ability to get top prices and can only do well in Auctioneering and go from strength to strength. I have also had a few dealings with Shaun and found him trustworthy and reliable!

Hedley Harris

Goods sold on auction are presented in a manner that ensures that buyers can bid with absolute confidence. A wide spectrum of goods can be found on any given auction from household/office furniture to appliances – literally any conceivable moveable asset. We also believe that you are only as good as your last auction, and this ensures that we are constantly striving to improve on all aspects of our business.

Any of our products will be presented to ensure that our customers can bid with confidence and also be assured that all auctions will be conducted in accordance to provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

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  • Frequently asked questions

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